Bryson Morris' Song Louis Gucci Appears On WorldStarHipHop

By Bryson Morris

Bryson Morris' Song Louis Gucci Appears On WorldStarHipHop

Bryson Morris's official single #LOUISGUCCI is quickly becoming an Internet sensation. The professional music video has been viewed close to half a million times on YouTube in less than two months; but, the popularity doesn't stop there. WorldStarHipHop is the latest video outlet to pick up on the hit, and the site's popularity among hip-hop enthusiasts means great news for the young artist.

WorldStarHipHop is regarded by hip-hop lovers as one of the best sources for industry news and the hottest new music. Many of the videos featured on the site garner hundreds of thousands of views and hundreds of comments by visitors. With more than 1.1 million hip-hop lovers surfing WorldStarHipHop's industry-specific content each day, the site serves as the perfect platform for Bryson Morris to share his music with fans old and new.

Though he has only just begun to release official music, Morris has not been shy about sharing praise for hip-hop as a genre and for the talented, dedicated artists who have come before him. Given his appreciation for the world of hip-hop and his passion for creating music, a feature by WorldStarHipHop is a game-changer for Morris.

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